30 Ways How To Get More Followers On Instagram

30 Ways How To Get More Followers On Instagram

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When Instagram was first launched, it was seen as just a fun social media platform where people could share their photos with friends and family. 

However, since then, Instagram has made massive strides towards building businesses and brands

Even though it’s fun appeal keeps getting better by the day, brands have opted to tap in its enormous potential to advertise and grow their businesses. 

This blog will cover everything you need to know when trying learn how to get more followers on Instagram.

Now, Instagram has over 200,000 million active users who share over 50 million images on a daily basis

The brand engagement rate on Instagram is impressive and anyone trying to put their brand out there on this social media platform is bound to benefit.  However, to reap the maximum benefits you will have to do it right

More so, the competition is stiff and every brand on Instagram wants a piece of this pie.

In order to outperform your counterparts and become an Instagram unicorn, you will need the best tips and methods how to get more followers on Instagram.

So, how can you get more followers on Instagram?


1- Use descriptive captions

Interesting pictures are a great way to capture the attention of your audience, but they do not tell the whole story. 

However, combining words and superb images can build you a remarkable Instagram presence.

Be sure to explain what the picture is about, and what you want it to mean to your audience.

Including the location it was taken will also help to build local awareness for local followers.

All of these will help you to describe your content and inform your audience.


2- Grow your own unique Instagram style

Imitation and copying are common on Instagram. 

Consequently, most accounts seem to have similar content

Your brand should stand out, rather than look like every other Instagram account. 

Therefore, do not always strive to fit in, grow your own unique style.

Doing this will leave a lasting impression on your followers and keep them coming back for more.

Also another great part of this is that if your style is so good more people will share your content.

More people sharing will equate to more followers overall.

Shop local

3- Aim to first grow your local presence

Every business and brand like to have global recognition. Nonetheless, you can first conquer your local area and have a significant number of followers before you get the rest on board. 

So, check out what is going on in a particular area of interest and be aware of what is trending by using the places tab and you will be able to use more relevant content.

This is more important for local businesses or franchise locations.

If you can grow your content in a specific area you will have a much easier time driving foot traffic.

Targeting Group

4- Leverage Instagram engagement groups

Engagement groups on Instagram tend to have a massive following and boost your engagement. 

Imagine the kind of exposure you would get as a brand if you joined these groups. 

As you do so, it is prudent to stay within your niche. If your area is beauty only join beauty groups.

Once you are in these groups do not get comfortable, follow and like posts of others. 

If you are more active, your engagement levels will skyrocket, and so will your followers.

Instagram Repost

5- Post other peoples content

This doesn’t mean stealing other people’s posts and pasting them on your page. 

Ask for permission from these people and give them full credit

If you repost a video with a huge response, you will still get attention from it and grow the number of your followers. This is an easy way to keep your audience interested without having to make new content.

However you must make sure before you repost that this content is the same style as yours.

Posting dissimilar content will throw your audience off and leave a bad taste in their mouth.

6- Try and get some social proof

If you are into the fashion industry and own an online boutique, it would be great to post photos of some of your happy customers. Whatever you do, make sure that you have their permission.

Getting their permission may be hard but you can offer them incentives for posting their testimonials.

This not only strengthens your social proof, but it also increases your followers.

Another great aspect about social proof is that it can help you make even more sales.

Anyone who is on the edge of buying will get pushed over if they see tons of happy customers.

How to buy Instagram followers

7- Be consistent with the content

Even though you are posting content from a specific niche, be consistent

If people know you for posting great jewelry pieces, they tend to look out for what you will post next, and due to your consistency, they can easily follow you and rely on your account.

Being consistent will get more and more people wanting to come back and see your new content every day.

This will help to boost your engagement levels and get you more followers.


8- Know and follow your competitors

This is one of the best ways on how to get more followers on Instagram. Track down your competitors but not the biggest ones who are likely to have amassed hundreds of thousands of followers due to brand loyalty.

Check who is commenting on your selected follower’s posts, comment on their posts and offer helpful answers to some of their questions in a disciplined manner. 

You can even plug their Instagram handles into some analytics tool such as Keyhole

Using analytics tools like this will give you valuable information on their followers and engagement ratios.

This way, you will end up getting some of their audience following you.


Influencer Shoutout

9- Influencer shout outs

If you know an established influencer in your niche, it would help if you can reach out to them and have them do a shootout for your brand. This will help you increase your followers as most influencers have a loyal following. 

A shout out is a one time post with an @ to your profile to give you more traffic from their page. 

This will directly get your content in front of their followers.

However influencer shoutouts can be expensive so be careful who you pay to get your content in front of.

You need to make sure that they have real followers and not fake bot accounts

A great way to check if they are real is to use Phlanx

You should enter the influencers name into their system and make sure there engagement rates are at least 3-5%.

If their engagement rates are below 1% it’s a big indicator that they have bought fake bots for followers.


10- Influencer account take over

Another way to work with an influencer to get those numbers up is having them do a brief account take over on your Instagram stories. This means that for the people to view the stories, they will have to follow you.

It started as a fun way for different businesses to collaborate and now is a valuable marketing strategy.

This will give you access to another massive following that you can cross promote your content to.

It’s an amazing free way to earn more followers and build massive awareness for very cheap.

Instagram Brand Partnerships

11- Brand partnering

This is a unique way to get more Instagram followers. 

What you do is get another renowned brand to post images of your product on their Instagram page crediting you.

This way, you get to leverage their brand’s reputation and get more followers.

You must already have a decent following to do this but it can be done.

Brand partnering is one of the most effective methods if done correctly!

Not everyone will want to partner with everyone but if you have great content you should have an easier time.

12- Share captivating content

Your Instagram content is a crucial aspect of your brand. Therefore, create hilarious content that will keep your followers coming back for more as well as reposting your content, leading to new followers.

Usually, this starts by understanding your audience so that your content can heavily resonate with them.

Making your content catch the eye and grab attention will automatically reward you with more engagement.

Getting more engagement can also bring you more followers as users will happily share your content for you.

@Lego is the example we used because they have the most amazing content. 


13- Involve your Instagram account in other platforms

Brands have other means of communication and advertising. 

If you have a blog, website or even a newsletter, ensure that you share your Instagram information on them. 

People may want to see your products as well as follow you.

Using your blog or any other platforms will help you to cross promote and spread your followers.

Crossing your platforms is very efficient if you already have a massive following in one area.

If you can effectively cross promote your content you will earn even more followers on every platform.

Instagram Hashtag

14- Choose your Hashtags carefully

Another great way how to get more followers on Instagram is using selective hashtags.

If your wondering what is the easiest way how to get more followers on Instagram this is it.

Instagram hashtags make you more discover able to people interested in your brand.

If you get enough likes and comments on your picture with a certain hashtag you will rank on the explore page.

It is therefore imperative to always use the most relevant hashtags

By doing so, new followers can find you easily.

Instagram timing

15- Perfect timing of posts

Posting anytime can be detrimental to your brandThe best time is when people are awake or free

If you post something when your target audience is busy working, they can miss out on it

This will make it harder for you to get more and engagement and followers.

Hubspot made a great post on the optimal times to post on Instagram to get the most out of your post.

16- Appropriate Bio and Profile

A well-coiffed Bio and profile that says who you are and what your brand is all about always helps a great deal, especially with the audience that wants to follow you.

 As long as they can understand what you are all about, it will be easier to get more followers for your Instagram account.

Making it short and sweet while equally informing is very important. 

When fully optimized this will help to promote your website and generate more clicks for free.

17- Use creative and informative videos

Videos have already claimed their spot on Instagram and other social media platforms.

If you post compelling short videos on Instagram, you are bound to get more people following you.

Nevertheless, your videos should be helpful, informative, relevant to the audience and consistent.

If used correctly they will also get more people to comment and engage which boosts your visibility even more.

Instagram calendar

18- Achieve the right posting balance

If you post amazing content more often, you will attract more followers. 

You should, however, be careful not to bombard your audience with posts every other minute as it can get irritating and some can even unfollow you.

Posting once per day is recommended but even 3-4 times per week will work just fine.

However creating content and uploading daily will take a lot of time and energy.

A great way around this is to create tons of content on one day then schedule it out for the month.

Find a great scheduling platform like Hootsuite and use them to schedule out your posts for free.

active on Instagram

19- Be active on Instagram

Instagram is a highly interactive platform. Much more so than Facebook, or Twitter.

This means that if you want the presence of your brand to be felt, you have to be active

Apart from actively posting, you need to interact with other brands and people by liking, commenting and following.

This will make you more visible and help you grow faster on Instagram.

Instagram growth service likes

20- Like people's posts even if you don’t follow them

It means a lot to the other individual when you like their post. 

It doesn’t mean that you should like every post, but if you genuinely relate with it, then you should. 

This makes you more discoverable, hence growing your following.

Target your ideal audience by finding people who follow your competitors and like their content.

If you would like us to do this for you, scroll to the bottom and get started today!

Instagram Giveaway

21- Take advantage of giveaways

Hosting contests or having giveaways is a sure way to grow your Instagram following. People love to win stuff

Moreover, people will follow you just to get an opportunity to participate in your giveaway or contest.

Leverage the fact that people have to follow you to win the promotion and you will get a massive boost.

If you can do this in the right way you will gain thousands of followers just leveraged off peoples desire to win.

22- Have a widget or follow buttons

Besides having an Instagram account, most brands have blogs and websites. 

If you put a follow button or an Instagram widget on your website or blog, people can follow you with a single click.

This leads to an increase in your Instagram followers.

If your blog gets thousands of visits per day these are thousands of people you could be promoting your page to.


23- Link other social media profiles to your Instagram account

As you post images with Instagram, you can link your Instagram page to other social media profiles.

By doing this, people can click on these pictures and go straight to your Instagram account

This makes it easy for them to follow you. If you already have a decent following on another platform such as Twitter, or Facebook it’s a great way to cross promote.

24- Incorporate your Instagram pictures in your blog

If you are a WordPress user, they have made it extremely easy to embed other media content like YouTube videos through a simple copy and paste process

Do the same with your Instagram images, and anyone reading your blog can use these clickable images to follow you. Simply click on the top right corner of a post and hit embed post. 

This will give you a link you can directly paste into your blog which is great for exposure.

Instagram Filters

25- Use the most appropriate Instagram filters

The use of certain photo filters on Instagram resonates better with some people than others. 

Some of the most popular filters include Ludwig, Juno, and Normal

If you use the preferred filters, you will make your great content seem even more attractive.

Filters can liven up your photos to make them seem more friendly and inviting

Tweaking your photos slightly can surprisingly make a big difference in engagement levels.

Instagram tampa

26- Make use of geotags on your Instagram account

This strategy involves indicating your location or where the video or photo you are posting was taken. 

Potential customers and the target audience who are within the vicinity of that location will end up following you.

It also just helps to better inform your audience where a picture was taken which they will appreciate.

The more you can inform and give your audience what they want the more they will follow you.

Instagram Highlights

27- Start using Instagram story highlights

A highlight involves organizing your stories in a flowing mannerAnyone interested gets the chance to see all your recent stories, and this could convince them that you are worth following. 

These are great to show any current discounts or promotions that you are running to help create more awareness.

Usually Instagram stories only stay for 24 hours but now you can keep them forever!

This way any time someone new who lands on your page can see how consistently active you are.

Instagram followers

28- Ask to be followed

Youtubers are often asking their viewers to subscribe to their channels. 

You should also not shy from occasionally asking your audience to follow you on Instagram. 

After posting some really amazing posts and having a good response, you can remind them to follow you

Ask them by posting custom captions that encourage new followers to be rewarded such as:

Follow for a chance to be featured! 

Follow us for a discount on select products!

29- Join the trending train

If you’re still wondering how to get more followers on Instagram you may need to start trending.

If you happen to see something that is compatible with your brand trending, you can hop on it by aligning your content or topic with it. If people are more interested in a certain subject than leverage this.

This is a good way to increase your Instagram outreach which will help you get in front of new people. 

The more new people you can get your content in front of for free, the better your results will be when trying to grow your followers.

Web analytics

30- Monitor your Instagram account

30- Monitor your Instagram account

It does not help to gain a few followers and lose a lot more at the same time. 

Therefore, you should closely monitor your gains as well as losses

If you are losing more, try to find out why and fix itMonitoring your account will give you valuable insights as to how your content and promotions are currently running.

If you loose a lot after posting certain types of content or promoting certain things than stop or change that.

You will be able to learn a lot from your average daily gains and losses so pay close attention!

30 Ways To Grow On Instagram Conclusion

These tips listed above are the absolute best and most effective ways to grow your followers on Instagram.

If you use all of these you will be sure to build a massive following in very little time.

It can take a lot of hard work and dedication but we have given you everything you need to get started.

Growing manually is hard but you now have every advantage possible at your fingertips. Use them!

If you notice that you are still struggling to grow re read this blog and make sure you take every tip to heart.

Even just using one or a few will be sure to at least give you a big boost.

However if you are too busy to do this and grow manually we have an amazing organic Instagram growth service to help you do this naturally. Click below to get started and begin growing your Instagram followers.

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