11+ Instagram Bio Optimizations [Ultimate Guide]

11+ Instagram Bio Optimizations [Ultimate Guide]

Optimized Instagram Bio

Did you know that there are over 25 million companies worldwide that are already using Instagram, and 200 million users that visit at least one business profile every day? 

From these statistics alone, it is quite clear that Instagram is slowly becoming the new home for brands

Brands get to enjoy high engagement rates as well as achieve real business online. 

Still, for you to unlock Instagram’s potential, it is imperative that you create an Instagram bio that can successfully capture the attention of your target audience.

As a business person on Instagram, the first thing you want visitors to do is hit that “follow” button as soon as they visit your page. Instagram bios play a very important role for businesses and brands. 

If you want to grow faster on Instagram optimizing your bio is an essential part of this process.

We will give you some Instagram bio ideas to help you make sure you have every advantage possible on Instagram.

When written well, your bio helps you grab the user’s attention.

Instagram bios can also make them eager to dive into your profile and know more about you.

Instagram Business Analytics

Open An Instagram Business Profile

An Instagram business profile helps you build trust and ensures that you appear professional. 

You get access to insights and analytics that can help you make data-driven decisions. 

It also gives you access to the business category, contact information and action buttons in your bio.

Analytics will help to drive your content strategy. If you realize that 90% of your audience is a certain gender, it will benefit you massively to focus your content towards them.

Making sure to keep a close eye on these number will give you tons of help when trying to make your content more personal.

Also you can use this data for your Instagram targeting when setting up our Organic Instagram Growth Service.


Understand Your Instagram Bio Goals And Objectives

Knowing what you want to accomplish by using Instagram bio is the first step to creating an effective Instagram bio strategy. Understanding your goals and objectives helps to keep you on track and allows you to focus on all your efforts in achieving real business objectives.

Although different businesses have different goals, here are a few goals to consider:
Educate your customers on how they can reach you and your working hours
Convey what your business does
Show your brand’s personality
Prompt potential clients to take action
• Inform clients about your latest product
• Highlight essential information about your business

The type of data you include in your bio is highly dependent on your goals. 

For instance, if you want to inform your clients about certain news, products or services, you can include a related link in the bio that will take them directly where the content is.

Instagram profile pic

Pick A Quality Profile Picture That Truly Reflects Your Page

When creating the Instagram page for your business, choose a high-quality photo that represents who you are and what you are all about. 

For brands or businesses, we highly recommend using your company logo that is instantly recognizable. 

Putting your company logo as a profile picture is highly recommended as it provides the easiest way to stay consistent across all networks.

However, if you are a blogger, influencer, entrepreneur, or real estate agent, choose a photo of yourself that clearly communicates to your audience who you are.

This is because profile pictures with the face of a person will receive 38% more likes on Instagram. 

People like it more when a business has a face as it looks more friendly, open and personal.

When picking the photo, make sure it is not too detailed as it might look too unclear. 

In the same way, the photo shouldn’t look too formal as Instagram is all about connecting with the audience and not distancing yourself from them.

Therefore, putting a photo of your own might have a good impact on the audience as well. Whichever image you choose to use, ensure that it is high-quality across all devices.

Instagram Name

Optimize Your Instagram Name

To ensure users find you on Instagram, make sure to use your name and not your username. This is because people who will be searching for you on Instagram are highly likely to use your real name or company name. 

Not including your real name in your bio decreases your search ability.

Although it is important to make your business name clear when curating the best Instagram bio, you should try to incorporate some relevant keywords in your name. This will make it easier for potential clients to search for you.

Because most Instagram users tend to search keywords as opposed to specific accounts, putting a relevant keyword in your name boosts your search ability scores. Even if you don’t include a keyword in your Instagram handle, potential clients and fans can still find you through the keywords in your real name.

To choose a relevant keyword, think about the keywords that your target audience uses to find your account, specific locations or cool hashtags to follow. 

For instance, if you want to appeal to an audience based in Brisbane, you can add the word Brisbane to your name. 

This way, users can find you by simply typing the city’s name in the search bar. 

If you are a bakery, you can add the word pastries next to your real name.

Once you find the right keyword, add it to your profile by clicking on the edit profile button. 

You can even consider separating your real name and the keyword with an emoji.

Choose The Right Instagram Username

Pick a username that reflects what your business is all about

This will make it easier for people to find you, plus, it adds legitimacy to your business. 

Preferably, go for an Instagram handle that is on-brand

By picking the right username you will give yourself another great way to get found.

If you are a realtor you should mention that in your username to get more people looking for realtors.

This is translatable to most service industries and will help you get more followers with intent.

However for eCommerce stores and bigger brands it’s obviously recommended to use your website/brand name.

This provides the quickest way to build a loyal following.

Always remember that your name and Instagram handle are the only fields considered in search queries by the Instagram algorithm.

Instagram bio success

Get Your Instagram Bio Optimized For Success

After creating a business profile, you need to create an optimized Instagram bio

Optimizing your bio will help you with many things such as growing faster, generating more clicks, and making more conversions.

There are many variables that come with optimizing Instagram bios so make sure you pay attention.

People on average spend less than a second looking at your bio and first impressions count. 

Therefore, the bio should be precise and snappy, seeing as it is how you get more users to follow you.

Having a completely optimized bio is one of the easiest and most important things you can do for your page. 

It will help to separate your business from the sea of similar profiles, and give yourself a platform.

Below are some Instagram bio ideas and tips to make sure yours is as optimized as possible.


Instagram Bio Optimization Tips

Read thoroughly to make sure you have everything you need to have a completely optimized Instagram bio. 

Using this tips will be sure to give you a boost in engagement, followers, and clicks to your website

Pura Vida Bio

1. Provide Important Company Info

Your Instagram bio provides a great place to provide important information about your business. 

Since you have limited space, make sure the info is clear and concise. If your company has a physical location and an online presence, it is helpful to include this info in your Instagram bio.

Give a little background on where your business was founded and where it currently resides.

The more simple information you can give will help to show your potential followers all about who you brand is.

Pura Vida is a great example of this as they give a great, yet simple backstory.

If someone you never met asked about your brand what would you tell them?

Instagram bios are amazing at giving this type of information in a quick manner.

You can create personal connections with your customers by telling your story.

Instagram keyword targeting

2. Incorporate Target Keywords in Your Description

Since your bio has a very short time to make a good, first impression, making it easy for visitors to scan makes it easy for them to understand what your page is all about quickly.

For optimal results, make target keywords your best friend.

These keywords clarify the type of content people should expect from your account. 

Always include the relevant keywords in your bio so that anyone going through your bio can quickly tell if your brand is relevant to them or not and if they want to follow you.

A simple description using your target keywords such as Fashion, Travel, & Lifestyle makes it very clear what the page is all about, thereby increasing their chances of being followed

You can also an Instagram hashtag as a keyword to get your profile found more!

Look at the Instagram bios of other businesses that are similar to yours to get an idea of what to add in your bio. 

Ensure you draw on your key features and what sets you apart from your competition to achieve maximum influence.

Also, only include relevant keywords that are important to your target audience and those that are core to your brand.

Instagram bio emoji

3. Use Brand Relative Emojis

Use emojis in your bio to break up text or draw attention to a feature of your business. 

Emojis add a visual element to what would otherwise be a boring block of plain text.

A well-placed emoji can also help emphasize a specific point you are trying to show your audience and show off some of your brand’s personality. 

Look at competitors Instagram bios to get a better idea of what emojis you should be using.

You can also use it to draw attention to a certain phrase or like bullet points at the start of each new line.

However, do not overdo it as it can detract you from what you are trying to convey. 

Note that emojis may not work for every brand. 

So before, using them, take your audience into account and company brand. 

Do not use them if they are not adding value to your bio.

However, if they do add value and make it pop feel free to use them!

Instagram promotional link

4. Use Promotional Links

Instagram profile only allows for one clickable link per Instagram profile which must be placed in the bio section.

Therefore, whatever link you opt to use, make it worthwhile. 

Foundr is a great example of using these promotional links.

For an e-commerce store, we highly recommend using it to draw more people to your product or promotion page.

The link should be at the bottom of your bio with a call to action above it.

Surround it with emojis to draw more attention and encourage users to click on it.

If you can capture more attention you will be able to capture more clicks.

For other businesses, you can have a link to your website.

When promoting links it is best practice to send them to specified landing pages.

Branded Hashtag

5. Branded Hashtags

Include branded hashtags like campaign tags to your Instagram bio. Branded hashtags can help you build a community around your brand and leverage user-generation. 

Branded hashtags helps to boost engagement and encourage your followers to start sharing it.

If you can build a massive following around your branded hashtag you will get massive amounts of engagement for free. A great example of a brand who has done this exceptionally well is #Airbnb.

They not only have created a great branded hashtag but they also have an amazing UGC strategy.

UGC or (User Generated Content) is Instagram pictures and images created and promoted by individual users and customers. Every time someone posts UGC content they will use the Airbnb hashtag to promote it!

Their reward is potentially getting posted on the main brand page which will bring a massive amount of followers and engagement.

Instagram call to action

6. Create Strong Call To Action Buttons

Seeing as your Instagram bio is the only place with a clickable link, having a strong CTA is crucial.

A call to action button encourages people to take action straight from your Instagram bio. It provides the only opportunity on Instagram to organically drive the relevant traffic to your main domain.

CTA buttons helps you to push potential customers to click the link by explaining what they will receive by clicking. 

For instance, you can tell your audience that they will receive a 20% discount off on their first order through that link. A great way to know what buttons to promote is to look at competitors Instagram bios and make your similar.

This call to action is efficient at driving customers to your website as it motivates them to click.

Highlight the CTA with emojis to stand out and consider the down arrow emoji that emphasizes where to click. 

Anyone who clicks on that button should be directed to a specific page that helps them convert.

Instagram social proof

7. Include Social Proof

While talking about your business or brand in your Instagram bio is helpful, including social proof can help back up your claims with outside sources. Social proof lets you speak about your brand with more authority

It is mostly because word of mouth and recommendations are highly trusted.

When including social proof to your bio, just make sure it adds value to its overall goal.

Social proof can also be derived from just getting customers to like and comment on your photos. 

Anyone who sees a customer posting a happy review is more likely to buy from you in the long run.

This will help to push those customers who are on the edge over the line and get you more conversions.

Instagram bios are great at including social proof as everyone will see your bio when landing on your page.

You want to make a great first impression and social proof is amazing for this reason.

Instagram promotional highlights

8. Showcase New Promotional Offers And Products

You can also use your Instagram bio to promote new and timely offers. 

This is a great way to get the value of this space on an ongoing basis.

Showing off new promotional offers will directly increase the number of clicks you get

More clicks equals more conversions if you have a streamlined website. 

Another great way to showcase your products is by using Instagram story highlights. These are archived Instagram stories that help to promote your products and discounts for all of your page visitors.

Making them colorful and pop will also help to grab attention and promote them even more!

Using promotional offers will massively help you optimize your Instagram bios and promote more efficiently.

Capitalizing on peoples desire to get a discount will 100% help you to make more revenue from Instagram.

Instagram profile personality

9. Add Some Personality To Your Profile

After covering the fundamentals- keywords, links, and branded hashtags, add some level of personality to your Instagram bio. This can be done using;

Verified badge: That little blue check mark that appears next to a user name is incredibly valuable as it assures your audience that they are dealing with the right company.

Email: More and more businesses are opting to include their email addresses in their Instagram bio. Although optional, businesses that receive a lot of private messages can lighten this volume by having some being sent directly to their email. This helps make it easier to manage.

Line breaks: Line breaks help to make Instagram bio visually pleasing and easy to scan. It also makes the data you put in your bio easier to digest.

• Include opening hours and location: If you have a physical store, it can be a great idea to include its address and open hours, especially if you are running a sale that can increase footfall.

• Use action buttons: These buttons allow you to connect your Instagram profile with other relevant online services. These even allow customers to place orders without having to leave your Instagram profile.

Instagram Bio Font

10. Use Custom Instagram Fonts

Another great way to help your bio stand out is to use custom Instagram fonts. 

A great website to convert any font you would like for free is LingoJam.

They have many different styles and configurations to make your text pop!

Custom fonts are extremely easy to use and give you another edge over the competition.

Be sure to try out a few different styles and see how they affect your click through rates.

If your CTR is struggling then maybe try another style and you’ll be surprised about how much this can help.

There are so many different types of fonts you can use that will definitely help you.

11. Keep It Short And Simple

Your bio should quickly and plainly explain what your business is all about. 

This will help you gain as many followers as possible

Based on the nature of your business and branding, you may want to make it quirky or add some humor.

Although an Instagram bio might only be 150 characters long, that does not make it any less important. 

It offers you an opportunity to tell your audience who you are, how they can connect with you, and which products they should check out. When curated well, an Instagram bio can help you drive back more traffic to your website.

Look at many Instagram bios to get a better idea of how to create yours to be “optimal”.

So, strive at making the best Instagram bio using the above Instagram bio ideas.

In Conclusion

In review when it comes to your Instagram account you need every advantage possible.

This will make sure you get the most followers, engagements, and clicks from Instagram.

There are millions of accounts that seem to blend in together so make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Using custom fonts will help you stand out even more so.

Look at the competition and see exactly what they are doing right so you can copy their efforts.

Optimizing your Instagram bio will also make your business seem more professional.

If you can seem more professional and include social proof in your bio you’ll even get more conversions.

Also remember to include some humor if possible while keeping it short and sweet.

Using all of these tips will give you everything you need to completely optimize your bio on Instagram.


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