How To Make More Revenue Using Instagram Messages

How To Make More Revenue Using Instagram Messages

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you understand how important marketing is for your brand. 

The more awareness you can generate around what you are doing the more you can sell your products or services. 

We at Spinlead use direct messages to help produce more revenue from Instagram for our clients. Without using direct messages your brand will be limited to visual content about your current promotions to a select few people. 

When you use direct messages, you create personal advertisements for your new products or website. 

This will cause a direct boost in the number of clicks and people you have looking at your website.

Getting more clicks from Instagram will allow you to make more conversions!

We use direct messages in an advanced way and offer this as a service to you!  

We couldn’t imagine with every one of the other responsibilities on your plate you also had to send out one hundred targeted messages per day

However without sending these messages you will struggle to gain revenue

Our team will cover this outreach for you on a daily basis so that all you have to do is look for the people who say yes and give them more information about how to get in contact with you. 

Also depending on how your website is structured they can just click on to your link and convert themselves.

It is that easy.

Why Would You Send Messages On Instagram?

How can sending Instagram messages help to get you more clicks from Instagram? 

The way it works is quite simple and can be compared to any email or text marketing campaign as in it’s selling your product through messages.

Even though constant posting alone on Instagram is great and highly recommend we always recommend using every channel to it’s fullest potential. 

Direct messages are a direct line to your potential customers if you know how to use them. 

Direct messages also give you a massive advantage over your competitors if used correctly. 

At a larger scale, direct messages can really start to make financial sense but this task is hard if not impossible to do alone.

We can help you send thousands of messages per month to your targeted markets to reduce the amount of time you have to spend doing medial tasks.

This alone will drastically increase the number of clicks you receive from Instagram as well as the amount of new potential customers you get in direct contact with.

What Type Of Instagram Direct Messages Work?

Every brand and business will be slightly different. However, we have found is there are similarities between most businesses that will work no matter what you are selling. 

This should hopefully give you a better idea of what messages will actually convert people and help you to start generating more revenue from Instagram.

Before we talk about any examples of messages we want to note that from our testing we found that shorter messages generate higher reply rates. 

We will mention this later as this is apart of a strategy that we use to help maximize conversion rates for brands from direct messaging.

1. Informative Instagram Messages

Informative messages help to tell more about your product, brand, or any incentives that you’re currently offering. 

These are great for giving away tons of valuable information that you would usually have to pay thousands of dollars to get in front of your target audience.

This will give your customers another reason to buy from your business and help educate them about your brand.

Use statistics, info graphics, and any information relevant to your brand that you would like to promote. 

Information is powerful and the right info to the right person can be very helpful in the buying process. 

Make sure to spend a good amount of time finding out what is the best way to inform your potential customers.

Informative Message Examples:

Informative Instagram Message

2. Persuasive Messages

Persuasive messages work great to help convince your audience of what you are selling. 

People in today’s modern world are very skeptical when getting offered something from someone they don’t know. 

The best way to get around this barrier is to use persuasion to help convince the potential buyer

This help to explain that what you’re offering is not only what they want, but what they need.

If you want someone to know how great your product or service is, TELL THEM.

If needed, list out the benefits of your products and services to convince your customer with those benefits

Persuading your potential customer will help to solve the issues around what your target market is facing. 

These messages will help you to convince them to go to your website and potentially create a new conversion.

Persuasive Message Example:

Persuasive Instagram Message

Dog Food Store:

Our organic dog food is sure to make your dog’s tail wag. 

If you truly love your pup, you’ll try one of our all-natural selections today.


“Why would you risk making a mistake on your taxes? 

Trust our certified experts to handle your taxes and get the most out of your tax refund.”


“It can be very difficult when attempting to buy a new house. 

Let us handle all of your concerns and help you find your dream home in no time!”

3. Time & Numeric Oriented

These Instagram messages are ones that use time as a factor to help persuade the customer to make a choice.

This helps to get more people clicking through due to the fact they will feel like they are missing out.

FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out has become a major strategy that big brands and companies are using to help create more revenue from their advertisements or email campaigns. 

FOMO can be used in two separate ways and both will have different effects

The first is in the way of time left for a promotion, and the second is the total number of discounts available.

We use FOMO to help reduce the number of people who open and don’t click on your messages. 

This will help increase the number of clicks you receive

This should also help to boost the number of conversions if you’re website is structured to increase FOMO.

Time & Numeric Example:

Persuasive Message

“There is only one week left to get your “fill in the blank” so act fast!”

“This discount code is only active for 24 hours!”

“This promotion is only available for the first 100 people!”

4. Value-Based

Value messages rely on the value of what you’re offering to get people interested. 

Words like Free and Discount are eye-grabbers and make people want to do business with you. 

These work great to help you promote any current discounts or incentives your current offering. 

People want to feel like they are always getting the best deal.  

If you can offer them a slight incentive you will win them over and get their long term business ideally. 

It is hard to compete nowadays but using value offers and discounts will work wonders.

It may seem ineffective to have to give away things for a lesser price or be losing potential money on the front end.

The only reason you would do this is for the Lifetime Value of a customer. 

Even though you won’t make as much revenue on the first conversion over time you will generate more due to the trust you have built up.

“The win rates for forecasted deals are 7.5% better if sales content and product training are aligned at least on the value message level. The costs of doing nothing are worse: 22.6% decline in win rates.” – According to CSO Insights

Here are some value offer examples:


“Buy One Get One Free”

“25% Off For First Time Buyers” 

“30% Off For [Selected Items Here]”

“Free Consultation”/”Free Audit”

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