Instagram Stories Can Help Promote Your Business

Instagram Stories Can Help Promote Your Business

Instagram stories

Have you been looking at your competitions Instagram accounts?

You will note that most people and influencers are now using Instagram stories to market their business

Have you been using stories to promote your business on Instagram?

You will notice that Instagram stories usually offer social marketers a great opportunity to reach a higher number of customers out there.

This is because most people have Instagram accounts and usually view these stories from time to time.

The good news is that Instagram stories usually encourage users to remain on this platform for longer periods

In addition, you can trust that more people will visit your Instagram page more frequently

The following are the advantages of using Instagram stories to help promote your business:


Instagram Stories Will Increase Your Followers

Would you like to get many more followers on your Instagram page? Of course you would!

You should start uploading custom Instagram stories on your page. 

You will quickly realize that most people usually like seeing brand new content from time to time.

Therefore, you should upload Instagram stories at least three times a week.

This can entice other people to follow your page

Instagram stories can even help you to make more sales for your business.

Not only that but just by posting stories a few times a week when people look at your profiles icon it will make you look more active. Appearing more active will bring in more users who like fresh content. 

People like to see that your actively trying to post content and bring new information to the table.

Because of that many more people will end up checking your page out and following you because of it.

Instagram Engagement

2. They Help Increase Your User Engagement.

It is important that you engage with your followers on Instagram. 

This can make your followers feel loved and appreciated

The more they feel engaged the more of a chance that they will turn into a customer for your business.

You will note that your followers on this platform will comment and even ask questions regarding your story. 

You should not ignore these direct messages. Respond as much as possible to keep your followers happy.

The more you engage with your followers on this platform, the higher the likelihood of increasing the conversion rates in your business. 

Instagram stories can also help to establish long term relationships with your audience.

By consistently posting great content they will look forward to seeing your next post.


3. Instagram Stories Make You Easier To Find

You will realize that the people who do not follow you can actually see your Instagram stories. 

People who are interested in certain topics and hashtags on Instagram can find your stories through those interests. 

If your stories are acceptable and relate able to that subject Instagram will even show your content to more users.

These stories will also get you in front of people for a whole day. 

This is because your stories you post will last only for up to 24 hours

This means if you post once per day you can consistently put your content in front of your audience.

Doing this can go a long way in helping you get more followers in the long run. 

It is actually a great opportunity for you to create new fans on your page.


4. They Are Fun And Simple

You may find that creating these stories are very fun. They are also super simple and easy to do. 

This is more important if you are a busy business person

You can come up with a good Instagram story during your free time and upload it on your page.

It takes very little time and effort to make an engaging story.

To save even more time you can even just take one of your regular post and make it a story.

Best practice is uploading at least 3 to 4 stories per week.

Uploading stories at least 3 times a week will keep your audience engaged and informed

This will also give you the best chance possible at getting on the explore page.

If you can get your story on the explore page you will get hundreds of more views depending on your niche.


5. They Can Help To Enhance Your Content

Most people normally post pictures and videos on their Instagram pages.

However, this is not enough. If you want to enhance your content, you should start using Instagram stories

Your story can be decorated with emojis, drawings, and even text. 

This can make your content to become more eye-catching.

Instagram stories can also help you to get more clients in the future.

Once you reach 10,000 followers you can also make swipe up stories.

Swipe up Instagram stories can be used to promote your website in a great way.

It’s just another massive way to get more free link clicks from Instagram and make more sales on your website.

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Any advantage you can give yourself to stand out you should be taking to get more free advertising.

Instagram timing

6. These Can Increase User Dwell Time.

If you upload your Instagram stories they will go quick. These photos and videos will disappear after 24 hours.

If you want this content to remain for longer periods, you can add them to your Instagram bio

Using story highlights are amazing at keeping your content in front of your audience for longer periods of time.

The great thing about story archives is that every time you post them they are automatically archived.

This means months from now once you have a massive archive you can then go back and make your highlights.

Highlights are amazing at putting your best content in front of everyone who lands on your page.

You can also set Instagram to save all your stories to your camera roll automatically.

Whenever you upload you can trust that your photos and videos will be saved and can be used later.

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