Instagram VS Facebook

Instagram VS Facebook

Instagram Vs Facebook

Pros & Cons of Marketing On Instagram VS Facebook

Instagram and Facebook are two of the most popular social media platforms today.

Facebook has over 2.07 billion monthly visitors whereas Instagram has over 1 Billion

That said, these two platforms have massive differences and similarities

Therefore, if you plan on building your business on Facebook or Instagram the outcomes might produce different results. 

This blog will break down the benefits and negatives between Instagram VS Facebook in 2019.

Instagram VS Facbook Consumers

Consumer Reach

Since Facebook has been on the market longer than Instagram, it has a bigger user-base than Instagram. 

But, even with its higher numbers, Instagram has better engagement and content sharing. 

Because of this fact many brands and businesses have been flocking to Instagram to get the benefits of more engagement. 

Being able to generate thousands of active followers who engage with your content is necessary for your business

You don’t want to always pay to get your posts in front of your audience and Instagram leads the pack for this.

There are many reasons why this is the case but the main point would have to be engagement.

Even though Facebook may have more total users the organic reach you get is far less that Instagram.

You will also get more followers on Instagram rather than Facebook for posting the same content.

Cost of advertising on Instagram VS Facebook

Cost Of Advertising

Everyone knows you can pay your way to get in front of thousands of people

However how much better would it be for your business if every time you posted about an offer or discount thousands of people saw it for FREE

This is a great benefit of using Instagram as it allows you to get around this costly expense

This is amazing to not only growing your current audience but using another channel to advertise any deals or discounts you may currently be running.

Paying for advertisements can get expensive very quickly. Especially if you are just looking for more brand awareness.

Having an online store will help you to get an easier ROI but if you are a brick and mortar location you will have a harder time.

This is due to the fact that people can’t just go straight to your shop and buy directly from you online.

If you were able to sell your products or services online you would get a much higher return from these advertisements.


Targeting Consumers

Targeting consumers is an important aspect of every business to avoid wrong communication or loss of information. 

As a business, you should know where your target market is based, their age group, gender, and interest among other important metrics. 

Certain platforms will allow you to effectively target certain ages, groups, or genders.

Facebook lets you send the right message to a targeted audience segment since it provides users with the ability to sift their audience by location, age, gender, language, psycho graphic behavior, and other demographics. 

These targeting features can also be found on Instagram.

When looking into Instagram Vs. Facebook users, it is important to note that Facebook is more popular among the older folks whereas Instagram is more popular among the younger generation

Hence, if your company is targeting a younger audience, Instagram is the preferred platform to use.

That said, with Facebook’s older users, brands that use this platform gain access to customers with a higher income and spending power, which can be very beneficial to certain businesses.

However the majority of businesses are looking to get the next generation of consumers on board.

Getting the next generation of consumers is where Instagram shines true.

Instagram growth

Engaging Consumers

According to studies, engagement with brands on Instagram is approximately 10 times higher than on Facebook. 

Also, the average engagement per post on Instagram has grown by 416% over the last few years. 

Platform strengths when comparing these two online platforms, importance should be put on the major feature that makes them distinct to each other. 

Instagram, for instance, is about sharing videos and photos

As a result, it helps promote direct conversations with users and building a strong brand loyalty base.

Facebook is a multi-optional platform with a wide variety of content to choose from, including photos, videos, text, shops, groups or events, that suit your business needs whenever you post content. 

As a result, Instagram is cleaner with less clutter, making it easy to maneuver, unlike Facebook that has many things going on at a go. 

But while your brand might be visible to a smaller audience on Instagram than on Facebook, it will be more accessible to your target audience, which means greater engagement rates

When trying to choose whether to advertise on Instagram VS Facebook you must consider the amount of natural engagement you will receive. Using Instagram will naturally give you more engagement than a platform like Facebook.

This is so helpful when you are attempting to maximize your organic outreach. 

On Facebook even with thousands of followers you will be very limited

However on Instagram you will get a very healthy amount of likes and comments per post.


Advertising To Customers

Both Instagram and Facebook are great for running adverts and marketing campaigns

They both allow you to determine your audience, track your ad campaigns and find out the number of people it reached and the rate of conversion achieved. 

They both allow you to find and target your audience using the Facebook audience insights tool. 

This will allow you to segment and figure out who will have the highest chance of converting from your advertisements. 

The Facebook audience insights tool will also allow you to begin figuring out who you should be targeting

It is important to note that Facebook will do better for some products and services. Instagram will also do better for others. 

This is why it is crucial for you to do research and find out what platform works the best for your needs.

A main difference as noted before would be the demographics. 

Benefits of Using Instagram VS Facebook


Mobile Friendliness

When it comes to Instagram VS Facebook it there are some massive differences about them. 

With large-screen smartphones, tabs, and iPads making their way into the common lifestyle, it goes without saying that mobile friendliness is a key feature when determining the success for social media network.

Having its humble origins on this platform, Instagram offers better experiences to mobile users.

A big feature of Instagram is the stories that you can share to your followers. 

While Instagram didn’t come up with the idea of sharing stories on its own, it has proven to be more successful in integrating it into its platform.

Facebook does have stories but less people use them and view them on average than Instagram.

This is due to the nature of Instagram’s extremely visual content. 

Because there are more pictures and videos Instagram keeps their users more engaged which equates to more likes and natural views.

Instagram VS Facebook Ecommerce

Instagram's Integration of E-Commerce

Instagram has taken a more sophisticated approach when integrating e-commerce into its platform. 

In addition, its in-app payment feature makes it a great platform for businesses to sell their stuff online, seamlessly without coming off as too sales focused to consumers. 

You can also add swipe up integrated links to your website which will help get you even more free traffic and views.

Once you reach 10,000 followers you can then promote these swipe up links in your Instagram story

Due to the fact that your E-Commerce store will integrate so well with Instagram.

Due to this fact it has become a mecca for websites and E-Commerce stores.

If you sell products online you need to start growing your Instagram followers today!

instagram likes

Instagram Reach

With 800 million active users on a monthly basis and 80% of these users outside the US, it is clear that this platform has a a massive global reach.

Its sheer number of active users makes it an ideal platform for businesses to boost their visibility. 

Instagram boasts of some of the most highly engaged users which is true.

Instagram provides far more organic reach and engagement than Facebook.

On an average day, users share over 95 million posts, which yield a total of 4.2 billion likes daily.

Even though there are far less users on Instagram than Facebook those users are massively more engaged. 

For this reason when you post your content will always get more organic reach on Instagram.

This is amazing for brand awareness and making sure that you get the most out of the content which you upload to Instagram.

Instagram demographics

Instagram Demographics

Your choice of social media network is highly dependent on your target demographic. 

According to a study done by Pew Research, found there are more female than male users on Instagram. 

This is some great information for figuring out what is your ideal audience and where they actually are located. 

If you customer base is mainly the younger generation in general you will have a better time targeting on Instagram.

 Data that was collected and shown by Statista shows that 65% of all Instagram users in 2019 are ages 18-34. 

This is crucial to understanding where your audience currently is.  


Benefits of Using Facebook VS Instagram

Facebook continues to be the leading social network with 2.2 billion active users in a month. 

So, if you are looking to improve your brand’s visibility, Facebook is your go-to platform. 

Because there are so many users it allows you to effectively target not only national campaigns but international campaigns. 

However if you are a local business you don’t have to worry because you can be as selective you like with your ad placements. 

Facebook like

Facebook Engagement

Engagement-wise, Facebook does not perform as efficiently as Instagram. 

However, it has the second highest audience engagement rate after Instagram. 

This natural engagement is necessary to reducing costs of ad spend while being able to improve the amount of revenue you generate.  

Without thousands of people seeing your content on a daily basis why would you post? 

And if you do not want to go down the very expensive route of paying thousands of dollars per month to get your content out to the masses, then Instagram is for you. 

The amount of money you will save just from this fact alone is staggering especially when paying to get your images or videos in front of an audience.

Facebook demographic

Facebook Usage Demographic

Facebook is more popular among older adults with 72% of them using this platform. 


Just a quick note is also more popular among women than men.


This is important to note when you attempt to create your content for the platforms.


If you can make content and captions that are more relate able to females you will get higher engagement rates.


However this is not always do able as some businesses have only a male customer base.


Even though there are many male users it is mainly females who engage and comment of posts.


Using this information can help you to reduce ad spend if you can effectively target this market.

Facebook cpc analytics

Performance of Ads

Ads perform way better on Facebook than on Instagram with revenues increasing by 59% since 2015. 

Also, a particular study found that Facebook desktop ads have 8.1x higher click through rate.

Where mobile ads will on average have 9.1x higher CTR. 

When looking at Instagram Vs. Facebook based on the information provided above; Instagram is better for engagement and natural reach overall.

Also from the data above, Instagram outperforms Facebook when it comes to audience size and demographic diversity.

Instagram also outperforms in general cost of advertising.

This is due to not as many companies using it as compared to Facebook which is more saturated.

Facebook For Older Demographics

Facebook’s high user-base gives it authority over Instagram, making it a great option for businesses looking to increase visibility around older demographics.

It’s not to say that you cannot target the younger age demographics on Facebook.

 However because there are less than Instagram it will usually be more expensive.

If your ideal customer is over the age of 35 then Facebook is more than likely for you.

However in a world that is consistently changing the younger demographics are quickly becoming the new best customers.

Whether it be for first time home buyers, first time car purchases, certain eCommerce products, Instagram is your go to.

If you want to target older audiences Facebook will have a much higher amount of this demographic and will most likely be your best bet.

Instagram Vs Facebook

Instagram V.S. Facebook Conclusion

Instagram is great for creating massive amounts of brand awareness for very cheap compared.

Instagram appeals to a younger audience, making it the perfect platform to engage a younger customer base.

Facebook works great for distributing text based information. Instagram places limitations on linking where you can only add one link to your bio, it means users cannot share multiple links to their blogs through their bio. 

Facebook, on the other hand, gives users the freedom to share unlimited links to their blogs or product pages, making it ideal for businesses looking to distribute informational content or promote blog posts.

Overall, both platforms are great marketing tools for businesses

Take the time to think about your business goals, and what you wish to achieve from each campaign. 

The benefits of Facebook VS Instagram are highly subjective. 

Their different features and demographics mean that what may work for you may not work for another. 

It all goes down to the nature and goal of your business, which will help inform the decision as to which one is better for you. 

However if you would like to start growing you Instagram audience, than we can help you!

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